SWISSINDO – The elephant in the room.

You can be sure that those few left in positions of power are doing everything they can to avoid talking about the elephant in the room, SWISSINDO. From my perspective right now, as I scour the increased chaotic news feeds, it has become clear to me that a lot of people are chasing their tails trying to figure out the daily drop of whistleblower testimonies and disclosures that many are missing what are actually tangible and effective events.

Sure there are some amazing events unfolding that are blowing the curtains wide open at all levels for some people. Those people who are looking for answers to why this world is so messed up may be finding it easier to discover the level of corruption that rules this world. But those who are claiming to be Alt-media or New-age are still falling for the same old honey pots set up to keep them busy. They dig through endless dead ends and obvious trip wires of disinformation and distraction while the actual real tangible events and actions continue on around them.

So I claim that SWISSINDO is one such entity that is actually doing some real and tangible moves to improve life on this planet and yet many do not see it or choose to believe the disinformation campaigns that dilute SWISSINDO into some sort of scam. The facts are there for all to see now and with more actions each day that are pushing closer to a liberation of this planet that is truly mind-blowing! So while folks prefer to prance around and claim that Antarctica or Pizzagate or some other flavour of the day dribble is going to be a remarkable breakthrough for people, SWISSINDO is working away in front of everyone and making serious moves to liberate the planet and move us away from slavery forever.

The facts that are on the table, for all to see, are actions that have always been clearly broadcast by SWISSINDO with regards to bringing down the old funny-money debt slavery system. This debt slavery system is the foundation for all the worlds problems as it concentrates power into a few hands that wield ultimate control over us all and all life on this planet. All wars are designed by this slavery system to maintain control and power over all life. Everything is hinged on this funny-money system of fiat debt based money and the associated corporate systems and legalities that are used to enforce such a system.

As it stands now, SWISSINDO is making moves to end the corrupt old control system. The famous funds that everyone scoffs at are moving into accounts and becoming ready for distribution. In Indonesia, the Media, Military and Police are publicly expressing support for SWISSINDO and many prime banks are on board and ready to carry out the first actions that will begin a new chapter for life on this planet. All previous challengers to SWISSINDO have left the table now and all that they can do is try and hide the facts and contain such actions within Indonesia so that folks outside don’t see the truth of what is really going on. You can be sure that those few left in positions of power are doing everything they can to avoid talking about the elephant in the room, SWISSINDO.

Royal, K.681, H.M. MR.A1.Sino.AS.S”2”.IR.Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.ST.M1, Holder of MICROFILM, Certificate Code 99.98 Series 1-4