SWISSINDO Debt Liberation & Universal Basic Income

Even when presented with actual facts and proof most people still choose to ignore or discredit SWISSINDO and it’s mission to offer Debt Liberation and a Basic Income for all people along with other associated benefits. For a full coverage please take a look at the Official SWISSINDO website here.

It is obvious to most that the current financial system that is underpinning the world markets and currencies is broken and corrupt. More and more evidence is being presented every day now that uncovers a tremendous level of corruption in every country that is strongly against Universal Human Rights and this planet. The fact remains that SWISSINDO is presenting a solution and has so far been ignored or avoided by most world leaders and associated corporate entities. Why is this the case? What are they scared of?

If we accept that the entity called SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT, and all it’s associated components, are legal, lawful & legitimate as has been proven time and time again at every challenge, why has the offer being made by SWISSINDO being ignored and avoided? Why is the first reaction by most people to say, “Oh that is a scam!” or “That cannot possibly be true!”

What proof do people need in order to accept the actions that SWISSINDO are currently carrying out across the world? Many have said, “Show me the money and I will believe it” or “Why isn’t this on TV or in the News?”.

Present exposure of the Mainstream Media and it’s blatant corrupt nature of spreading propaganda and false news stories that support the nefarious agendas of special interest groups (Stakeholders/Shareholders) would explain why you don’t see this in the News. A self evident fact given the open disclosure of just how corrupt the Mainstream Media has become. Within the Indonesian Media there are only just now stories that are presenting valid information to the world about who and what SWISSINDO is. This has taken time and was purposefully blocked for many previous attempts. Who blocked it and why?

So the big question; Where is the money?

Well what is even more self evident is the level of corruption within the banking and financial system that is all conveniently wrapped up within a corporatised political system. A well known fact is that our whole world is run as a corporation that is supported by a private banking system passing itself off as a sovereign system that is there for the people as originally idealised.

What has been presented by SWISSINDO, in a bold and transparent action, has been the revealing of hidden accounts within the banking system that contain funds that were originally intended to support humanity through the application of government services. Not many people know about these accounts and this has been a bit of a problem for any legitimate attempt to release these funds for their originally intended purpose. Of course many scammers have tried to force the release of these funds in a variety of ways and even a few small successful theft operations have been carried out over the years. It is easy to see that the release of these funds into a corrupt banking system would promptly see these funds disappear into someones pocket or War-Chest and never actually have any beneficial affect for humanity and life on this planet. A previous attempt to release these funds was carried out by JFK and Soekarno and we see what happened there! A major factor for the failure of the attempt was to try and keep this mission hidden rather than go Open-Source and expose the mission so that it makes it harder to avoid or stop the carrying out this mission. This is why folks like me, everyday folks, became involved and were briefed on information and events that would never be seen outside of core banking or governmental services.

Currently it is known for sure that the money is there but it has been a delicate and strategic operation to get it released in a way that avoids theft of the funds or harm to humanity and life on this planet. The execution of a variety of actions has seen the funds be put within reach of any person or country if genuine intent and conditions are met. Given the level of corruption in the world this has delayed the release of the funds many times over the last 4 years that I have witnessed. To help understand the complexity of the situation you need to consider that SWISSINDO is a sovereign entity with no ties to any corporate entity in a way that allows it to force the release of the funds onto anyone or any country. Even though SWISSINDO is protected under the highest laws and holds agreements with certain entities it cannot force anything. This is an important situation to understand.

That is all for now. I realise that this article may present a challenge to those of us who are not aware of the level and scope of corruption in the world and why everything is essentially wrong and out of balance. That is fine, take what you need and the rest will become clear during the course of this year and onwards.

Blog hacked

Well I did expect some troll traffic once I started talking about Swissindo so it’s no surprise that this blog got hacked last night.

I actually want to thank the hacker for highlighting the fact that there were some long overdue updates and tweaks to security for this WordPress site. The updates have since been done by Shelle and of course I had to update passwords and other settings.

It was an unusual hack because they only just changed the title for one of my posts and did not do anything overly malicious or annoying. Seemed to be happy to let me know that the hack was carried out and that was it. Once again I thank whoever it was for being so thoughtful.

I don’t hold any ill feelings towards hackers and see the process of hacking an obvious result of the digital age. Maybe hackers are the “white-blood cells” of the digital age in some way? I see that hackers have sure helped to expose the nefarious activities of those who prey on humanity; tips hat to WikiLeaks and others of this type.

I also loved the TV Series called Mr Robot ;-)