Stop dwelling in the past.

My last post was a bit crunchy and I fell back into my old habit of complaining about crap that is not really necessary at this time. So I slapped myself up the back of the head and have to focus on what is happening NOW and not rant about crap in the past so much.

So much is happening now! It has become very obvious that disclosure is has exploded at every level and the truth is powering through any and all attempts to cover it up. From the most recent “Fake News” debacle through to significant exposure of the dark forces that have been running the world for far too long. Some really ugly stuff flying around now and also some really obviously stupid moves being made by a bunch of banksters and their lap-dog politicians as they try to stop the runaway conditions that will result in truth and the world becoming a better place.

My next posts will be more about what is happening within UN Swissindo as well as a variety of disclosure topics. Just adding weight to the truth wave that is crashing through the world.

Why, how Swissindo?

Just wanted to feed a few ideas as to why and how I got involved with Swissindo. It has been really difficult to talk about Swissindo within my social circles and family unit. In countries outside of Australia it seems to be more acceptable yet here in Australia there are many things that are not accepted due to a significantly naive and brain-washed population.

For me it was easy to understand and accept Swissindo because I was already looking for answers as to why our society was so fucked up. I am never one to just say, “Oh it’s always been like that”. I have always researched heavily into why I always felt we were slaves that are chained to a vicious cycle of debt and a pseudo-democracy. It just never made sense to me that you would spend your life as a slave just to aim for this magical retirement nest-egg and chase some false sense of achievement sold to you by huge corporate banking and political cartels.

So in my exploration for answers I stumbled into the UN Swissindo (UNS) mission. At first I did have a few moments where I was wondering if this mission wasn’t some sort of cult or bizarre hoax, but, something kept on holding my interest enough for me to stick with it and see where it went. I felt that I could at least hold it at arms length and see how things unfolded without getting into harm. At no stage was anything asked of me that felt wrong or typical of some sort of psycho-cult operation. Working with large corporations felt more like a cult to me than UNS ever has.

To this day I am still involved with the UN Swissindo mission and have developed an understanding of the mission in a way that I can be sure of and stand firmly on its goals and success.

The one thing that I think throws a lot of “Westerners” off with UNS is the spiritual content and history that underlies every aspect of this mission. A couple of key examples would be the correlation between JFK, Sukarno and the original mission, Operation Heavy Freedom, that is fundamental to the UNS mission. Then there is the huge sums of money/collateral/assets that sit in accounts in just about every bank in the world that are associated with this mission. Most people just don’t believe this to be true. Another hurdle that trips many people up is the history of the UN and how it is connected to Sukarno and that he was the very first Sec.Gen of the UN and how this all got hijacked and corrupted into what we see today. There are many hurdles to overcome in order to understand this mission. I feel that a big part of being this mission is the ability to research, comprehend and adjust to a huge amount of information that is contrary to what we are taught.

As this mission starts to make its way into the public view I will really try to write some more about my involvement and what this mission is all about. I do realise that I should have been writing all this down a long time ago but life just gets in the way and I also felt it was a bit unnecessary to say anything.

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New logo designs

I just wanted to document the creation of some new logo designs for my artist personality. It’s a play on sound waves and how I see them related to the English spelling of the word Techno.

Holotropik banner logo
Holotropik banner logo

I have also done this next one for a T-Shirt print that I want to get done.

Holotropik T-Shirt artwork
Holotropik T-Shirt artwork

Doing artwork like this gives me a variance on doing music all the time as my primary creative outlet.