The long hard Swissindo road.

I have been an active member of UN Swissindo since May 2013. How this came about is a long story, but, basically resolves to knowing that our current global civilisation is way off course and I went looking for a solution. I was invited to be involved with Swissindo and after I investigated I was compelled to maintain a position with this important UN Mission – referred to as Operation Heavy Freedom (Offical Website –

It has not been easy to be a part of this mission. There have been all sorts of personal hurdles and team related challenges. Many times this mission feels like a ridiculous and unbelievable concept and expecting friends and family to understand this mission is almost an impossible mission. I often feel that my family have put me in the “black sheep” category and mainly just humour me and tolerate my apparent abnormal view of the world. I have tried to explain many things I have learnt and although there is some progress with understanding it often falls between the cracks and seems that it is easier to fall back on the programmed beliefs of the mainstream education and media systems.

After all these years the single biggest concept to get my head around is the constant delays in seeing this mission reach a breakthrough moment and actually have a positive effect on the world. The hold ups are sometimes generated by the existing political and financial leaders of the world and other delays are due to the lack of participation by every day folks like you and me. At this stage I would say the biggest hold up is due to the people who ignore all the things wrong in this world and continue to just go with the flow and continue on as if there is nothing wrong.

Sure there are people in positions of power who could also be doing the ‘right’ thing and have a lot more moral integrity, but, those people are often extremely corrupted and often beyond redemption. So instead it really comes back to people power and each one of us refusing to accept that all the wrong in this world is ‘just the way it is’.

Of course it is a little more complicated than this, but, you get the idea.