Why I chose AUM over Ableton

Why did I choose to use AUM (Kymatica) on the iPad rather than Ableton on the MacBook? It all comes down to money and reliability.

I have a 2013 MacBook Air and have been using the Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6 audio interface since I bought this MacBook. It’s a good audio interface and I like it. It has always been reliable for use on the MacBook until the last few versions of Mac OSX. I have also been using Ableton 8 for many years and have not updated to Ableton 9 because I cannot afford to upgrade at this time. For the last few years I have watched this entire setup become completely unusable or reliable. I feel like it is Windows all over again; flaky drivers, constantly moving operating system updates, superseded software and general shitty environment.

So last year I decided to give the iPad a try in order to create a Live mixing interface because it had so much more to offer in terms of reliability and affordability. I already had the iPad Air, the NI audio interface and a Novation LaunchControlXL midi controller. So I went investigating to see if I could make a custom Live mixing environment. At first I was using MiMix (TTrGames) and Audiobus (Audiobus Pty Ltd) and this seemed to work reasonably well. I also tried using a DAW and tried using Auria Pro (WaveMachine Labs Inc) in some way as well. I felt that I was getting somewhere but even though the reliability was improved it wasn’t completely perfect in terms of customisation.

Then I found AUM (Kymatica) and I quickly realised that this was the App I was dreaming of to solve all my problems. A perfectly customisable mixing environment that mapped perfectly to the Novation LaunchControlXL and NI A6 audio interface. It didn’t take long to create a variety of mixing environments that allowed me to feed all my hardware machines in through AUM and effect and tweak the sounds in a totally unique way.

AUM mixing environment.
AUM mixing environment.
AUM master bus
AUM master bus control area.

I have been testing and experimenting with AUM for the past year and find it a never ending realm of possibilities. I can Midi map all the AUM controls as well as the individual plugins and create a Live mixing interface that far exceeds any hardware mixer that is on the market and way, way less expensive! If I add up all the costs to build this it comes out to be less than $1000.00 (AUD – Australian Dollars) including the iPad, Novation LaunchControlXL, audio interface and various iPad Apps. This cost outlay was not completely how this decision was made however, I already had the iPad, NI A6 audio interface and LaunchControlXL. I was using Ableton 8 at the time. What tipped me over was the complete reliability breakdown of the MacBook based setup I had been using for so many years. So essentially my decision came down to the cost of upgrading the NI A6 audio interface and Ableton (over AUD$1000 worth of upgrades) versus less than AUD$100 to add a few Apps to the iPad and run with what I already had.

The important point to realise here is that I will never upgrade my Ableton version as I have no use for it now. Even though the NI A6 audio interface is stable for now, I will upgrade it at some stage as I need more I/O than the NI A6 has to offer. I will also never buy another hardware mixer, even though at the time I was looking at the very expensive high end A&H mixers. Even though these mixers are great, they simply don’t offer the customisation or portability I am looking for with my sound.

I will talk more about the Apps I use to customise my mixing environment in a future post. This is really where the awesome stuff happens. I can build channel strips with some really insane effects than allow for improvised soundscapes that simply don’t exist for hardware type mixers.

I will write some more soon…

I have been feeling the urge to write some more about stuff. What sort of stuff, well, stuff about music and stuff about my time with UN Swissindo.

These two subjects are actually linked in a bizarre way. I started with music and like most got really frustrated by the whole music as a career and the money thing. I just wanted to play music and have a great adventure doing it. But something was not right with the world, I felt like a slave, why? Turns out that I was right, we are all slaves in a debt slavery system set up by a bunch of gangsters (aka Banksters) along with a rather complex system that is commonly referred to as the Matrix.

It’s a long story and although many are waking up to this whole game there are still too many of us that are caught in the trap and believe that our leaders and business heads have our best interests at heart. Well, time to wake up. The world is in the mess it is because you refuse to wake up to the facts, even when they are laid out for you in plain sight.

So after pulling on a few threads I found myself involved with an organisation called UN Swissindo. Turns out that the former president of the USA was also involved with this organisation, up until the time they took him out for trying to rid the world of the gangsters. The UN Swissindo mission is still alive and well today and is yet again attempting to free us all from this debt slavery system. Do you not see how the worlds current trajectory can only end in disaster unless something is done? Lucky some of us want to help and this is why we do anything we can to get us all out of this mess.

Music? Well music, Techno, is my passion for many of the reasons anyone is drawn into the musical creative process. It just is something I love to do. The whole process is so amazing, the discovery of sounds and even the sound engineering process satisfies me. So I will talk about this as well.

AUM mixer interface

I have started using AUM (from Kymatica) on the iPad for my mixer interface for my Live rig. It is the most awesome breakthrough for me as it allows me to create a truly customised mixing interface with effects that I like. I will post details and screenshots in a later post.